Sample compensations

Acceptance of your application by counsel is tantamount to the fact that the amount you will receive as a result of an accident is at least 1,000 pounds. All amounts above £ 1000 are dependent on the degree of injury that you suffered and the history of their treatment, and their height is a merit of our work with clients.

Below are the minimum and maximum amounts of compensation awarded, depending on the type of injury. Unlike other companies do not advertise here for astronomical sums, but only present the amount actually received by our clients and medical directories.

Please keep in mind that:
- The most important and the most important issue in your process is the compensation committee of medical
- Through our work we want the most professionally prepare you for this moment
- The amount of your compensation depends on the forecasts issued by the doctor so that insurance companies seem to offer compensation for damage to health
- Extra money that you may receive as the victim is "Lost of Earnings" - loss of earnings, the compensation you are the losses associated with accidents, their rates depend on our work and commitment to the customer and the amount earned by your income.